Hope Alcocer holds a diverse background in marketing + digital media in an array of industries, specifically the fashion and music sectors. She launched a women’s empowerment magazine at age 21, and launched her freelance based media firm at age 22. She currently resides in Brooklyn, New York, and works remotely as the Creative Ambassador for a tech startup company, based out of Chicago. Her true passion lies with music, and that passion is channeled through her night job of marketing and PR consulting for independent labels and artists. Additionally, Hope assists with show promotions at Irving Plaza, The Knitting Factory, and Webster Hall in Manhattan, and is preparing the release of her first novel.

Blah blah blah. Okay now that we got that boiler plate bio thing out of the way…

Hey there. I’m Hope Alcocer. 

In December of 2010 (God, I am old. Kidding I'm not even 30 but I feel old right now), my mother sat me down and had a little chat of sorts. This chat entailed her asking me, 

“Hope, honey, you’re almost done with college. What are you going to do with your life? What’s your plan?” 

Well, in my head, I had a couple ideas: 

  1. Find out I was the princess of some Mediterranean country and take my rightful place as Princess of some kingdom, where hummus was like the state fruit or something.
  2. I was getting my BA in Psychology. I’d clearly be hired right out of college making BANK. I mean, who doesn’t get a really good paying job with a Bachelor’s in some overly populated major? Joke was on me: I thought I was the exception.
  3. Live in my parent’s basement…That 70’s Show made it look pretty cool.

My mom then proceeded to let me know that I needed a plan. This was extremely out of character for me, needing a kick in the ass. My mom really didn’t have to give me those. I can think of all the times on one hand that my mom has needed to do that….this was one of them. 

So the wheels in my head began turning. When I was five years old, my mom handed me a journal and basically told me to stop being a brat and say everything I’m thinking by writing it in this little book. That’s when my love for writing began. And then that little journal was filled cover to cover with notes, and doodles, and phrases, and pages of expression. And then I needed another one. And another. And before you knew it, I had a stack of them. I loved to write. And I was good at it. 

I was also very bossy. I was a Type A, first born, Armenian, Latina, sassy, young woman. I didn’t do well with authority. I didn’t do well sitting in the back of a classroom or riding on the coat tail of other students on a project. I was a born leader. I needed to be on top [take that as you wish]. 

So I meshed my love for writing and the fact that I wanted to be a boss, so long story short: I became a freelance writer + editor at age 21. And then social media became very popular, so I taught myself how to utilize that to market clients’ blogs and articles. And then I realized public relations was a vital component to a digital marketing campaign’s success, so I self-taught myself that too.

Nearly seven years later, I have successfully served over 100+ clients in eight different industries all over the world. This career move led me to the city of my dreams, New York City. 

I’m now working at a company I love, Xamin, with a night job I absolutely adore, but my creative entrepreneurial spirit shines her light with side projects and endeavors; most recently my first book. 

Anyway, that’s me in a nutshell. I wrote a lot, sorry. This was a pretty big nutshell. 

Thanks for visiting. Read my blog, see what I’m up to + available for. Maybe our paths will cross? 

XO ,