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Success // Reflections Post-Novel Release // Part 3

Success // Reflections Post-Novel Release // Part 3

Success -- it's measured differently.

When I set out on this book venture, I didn't know what success would be defined as for me.

Would it be raking in thousands of dollars a week?
Would it be getting a book-turned-movie deal?
Would it be being able to travel all over and read aloud my messages of hope, love, and perseverance to other women around the world? 

I had no idea how success would be defined with a project like this. This led me to ponder the question, what is the definition of success? 

I'm realizing that the definition of success is pending what place in your life you're in. Your age, your upbringing, you culture, and what generation you emerge from are all crucial factors in answering this age old question. 

For some, it's measured by money. For some, it's measured by fame and likeability. For me, my version success with this book has shifted and shape it's own destiny from the moment I hit "publish". My definition of success of 'Where Hope Lies' has been defined by the fact that the book's message and heart has been utilized as a platform for mental health, women's empowerment, using your voice and following your innate intution.

I'm stepping back from this project, looking at the big picture, and feeling immensely successful from the outcome of the above. 

 Yes, I have made money from this book, and I'm so thankful to the many friends, family, fans, followers, that have purchased my book; however, the royalty check that awaits me at the end of every month is not why I set out to do this. I set out to do this because I felt in my heart that my story needed to be told and that it would help others.  It's done just that. It's done that all over the world. I'm proud of myself and so happy with how things are going. To me, this is success. 

    I'm a firm believer that if you do what you love, then your definition of success will follow suit. It could be money. It could be fame. It can be the next step in your career. I also feel like your personal definition of success is not meant to be analyzed, judged, or defined by others.  Do what you love, and as long as you're doing what you love you cannot go wrong -- if you're doing that, congratulations- you've become successful in being successful. 

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